AFC SOUTH: SOLID VISION. These uniforms definitely didn’t disappoint. A great combination of new and old grace the new looks of some of your favorite teams.

In Tampa Bay, we go back- wayyyyyy back to the days of the Buccaneer on the helmet and eliminate alot of the black coloring of yesteryear. Replacing a more clean white and red palette. Hope Josh Freeman asks for a lifetime supply of Oxyclean or Woolite, bc after one game these pants will never be the same again!

Up north in Atlanta, the Falcons saw a clean precision of athleticwear excellence. Primed and ready for the big show, these uniforms are outta sight.

The perfect Panthers uniform incorporates the blue scratches that take this uniform to a whole new level. Prowling for a new gift for your favorite Panthers fan? These jerseys are PURR-fect!

And in the Big Easy, sharp and sexy have a whole new meaning. These uniforms don’t masquerade a very sleek hard body in many of our favs. Eager to see how Brees looks in this new ensemble. Saints fans should be praying that they were blessed with such a gorgeous uniform! It could’ve been worse.

Any takers, agree? or disagree??